We offer the widest range of spare parts for plumbing products in Lithuania!

While buying a faucet we believe that it will serve us for many years, the practice shows that the opposite situations also occur, when expectations are not being met. Therefore, if you only have the chance, choose the faucet paying attention to the availability of the spare parts for that product, offered by the same manufacturer. Main reason for that - even outwardly similar products, produced within different manufacturers, may also differ in their internal structure, thus in order to repair some faucet broken you must  use the spare parts supplied by the same manufacturer only. That is why it is advisable for Lithuanians to choose water faucets sold in Lithuania as well. We advice you to pay attention to the prevalence of the manufacturer's production market and to the manufacturer's stored/sold spare parts. Otherwise, buying the faucet of the manufacturer that is rarely found complicates the discovery of the spare parts for it as well.  If the manufacturer is not in Lithuania, the spare parts required might be delivered after weeks only. That would definitely be inconvenient... The spare parts of all RUBINETA produced water faucets models are being kept in our warehouses, thus our after-sales service is the fastest in Lithuania. That is one more “why” you should choose the product of ours! RUBINETA can provide any spare parts for their produced water faucets. The spare parts of all the produced models are constantly available in our stores!


Barkodas: 4779028808658
Manufacturer: Rubineta
Country of origin: Lietuva
Product height, mm: 50
Product width mm: 20
Product depth, mm: 20
Product weight in kg: 0.05376
Package height, mm: 280
Package width, mm: 280
Package depth (length): 280
Type of packaging: Maišelis
Price: 2.38 Eur 

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