According to the specialists, an average family turns the water on/off for about 10,000 times a year. Only high-quality and reliable water faucet can withstand such a load. So, if you want the water faucet to serve you for years, you have to choose it carefully.
Shower Products

Shower Products

For the client who seeks to purchase some shower products, it is essential to know that even products of exactly the same design are often similar only externally...
Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We offer the widest range of spare parts for plumbing products in Lithuania! RUBINETA can provide any spare parts for their produced water faucets. The spare parts of all our produced models are constantly available in our stores!
Additional Plumbing Products

Additional Plumbing Products

After purchasing a water faucet you will also need other parts, necessary for its connection to the sanitary appliances - high pressure valves and plumbing hoses. The reliability of these plumbing products is an important component of water supply and reliable plumbing installation.
Wastewater Systems

Wastewater Systems

The highest quality raw materials, the latest technologies and modern equipment together with high-qualified personnel are the key strokes of ORIO representation. ORIO is the manufacturer of domestic water waste systems, represented by Lithuanian company – JSC MERLANA .  
NEW !!! Premium shower head Raintouch on sale now! Coming soon, a new goods of decorative metal products complement our range. Follow the news!



Which ways can you make your order?

We‘d like to be as flexible as possible, that‘s why we are ready to take Your orders any way You want from the ones written below:

Online - after you registered and signed in MERLANA e-store.
E-mail, phone or Skype:
• If You want to order from METAL products catalogue: phone - +370 698 50 752; e-mail - metalas@merlana.lt; skype - merlana metalas;
• If You want to order from PLUMBING products catalogue: phone - +370 615 19723; e-mail - santechnika@merlana.lt; skype - merlana santechnika.
Visiting our office or our trading spots:
• If You want to order from METAL products catalogue: Vilkpėdės st. 10, corps 19, Vilnius; working time: Monday to Friday, 8.00 - 16.30;
• If You want to order from PLUMBING products catalogue: Savanorių prospectus 180, Vilnius, Fifth floor, working time: Monday to Friday 8.30 - 17.00.

- If you‘d like to make an order the second way, you must pay in advance by our invoice with your electronic bank or other kind of advanced payment;
- MERLANA reserves its right to ask for Customer‘s advance payment if the merchandise is not at the moment at our warehouses or if it is going to be produced/imported under Customer‘s special order.

Is it OK if other person than the Customer makes the payment?

Yes, but in this case the person who makes the payment has to specify the order number and the Customer‘s name.

Is it OK if other person than the Customer receives the ordered goods?

Yes, but in this case don not forget to  fill the form which is below „Gavėjo duomenys"/„Recipient‘s info" completely with correct information about the person/company receiving the order.

I‘d like to specify more info about my order, where can I do that?

You can write down all your special requests and additional information (door code, information for the courier, etc.) in the „Comments" box that appears in the order confirmation window, before pressing „Confirm".

When do you see the order and start doing it?

We see Your order within one working day from the moment that you confirmed Your order (pressing „Confirm").
The order implementation begins when You receive an e-mail from us confirming the acceptance of the order (which could also be our advance invoice). Usually confirming acceptance of the order takes no more than one working day.
When making special orders for individually designed or separately imported goods, the order implementation begins after the Customer pays for the advance invoice.

Is it possible to cancel an order that has already been confirmed and paid for; if so - how to get the money back?

Yes, it is possible.You can cancel Your order from the PLUMBING catalogue by the phone (No. +370 615 19723) or e-mail (santechnika@merlana.lt); from the METAL catalogue by phone (No. +370 698 50752) or e-mail (metalas@merlana.lt).

In those cases that You‘d like to cancel an already paid order but we haven‘t  sent the goods yet, we‘ll transfer the money back in 5 working days. We would only need Your written application for Cancellation and refund with your bank account No., Your first and last name and the number of the order.

If You‘d like to return merchandise that has already been delivered and get a refund, please guide through the „Instructions for returning goods". We want to inform You that we are only able to refund by a bank transfer. There is no possiblity to pay the money back by cash or using a courier.

IMPORTANT. Please note that there can be no refund for for individually designed or separately imported goods, also such goods can‘t be returned back.

Can you offer services of installation or construction for the merchandise we are buying?

Yes, we can. We co-operate with various service providers across Lithuania, so we are able to recommend you the profesionals that offer the best price and highest quality. It‘s up to You to make the choice, of course. All You need to do is to fill in the „Comments" box with informing us that you would like to get contacts/offers for such service, before confirming Your order.

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