In this folder you will find a complete range of RUBINETA brand shower theme products. It is the right folder for you to choose the favorite design, quality and the functionality of the shower heads, shower heads holders, shower hoses, shower bases and shower systems. In order to guarantee highest quality standards, all of our distributed RUBINETA brand shower theme goods are being made and tested upon the very strict requirements that are established for the composition of materials used in the production and for all of the stages of manufacturing. It is important to know that the production of shower theme is a specific niche, which requires significant investments in high-quality forms and accurate production of customized equipment. That is why the products of very similar or even the same design can have very important differences in their quality and/or the lack of high-quality products used for the same purpose.


Shower Products

NEW !!! Premium shower head Raintouch on sale now! Coming soon, a new goods of decorative metal products complement our range. Follow the news!

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