Plumbing connecting hose is an integral part of many plumbing devices, including faucets, and it is used to connect the device to the water supply. Surveys show that one of the most common failures in domestic water supply systems is caused by the bad quality of sanitary hoses. The consequences of such accidents are the following: "flood neighbors”, damage and expenditures for home repair, stress. High-quality plumbing hoses are also important for the reasons of hygiene, because the kitchen tap water is often used as a source of drinking water.

In the stores you can find a variety of plumbing hoses offered by different manufacturers. However, the same variety of that kind of products brings a great difficulty for the consumers willing to choose the best product according to their price and quality; the quality and reliability of product is determined by externally unobservable - the inner hose construction while from the outside they all are almost identical. Why should you choose RUBINETA hoses:

• The interior of RUBINETA hoses is made exclusively from the high-quality EPDM rubber, so they are suitable for contact with potable water;

• The most common pressure on the housing plumbing systems is 3 bars, however, in case of emergency situations it is also frequent to face hammers that provoke critical short-term and several times greater pressure peaks. The outer shell of RUBINETA hoses is made of durable, high quality stainless steel AISI304, which is anti-corrosive and tear-resistant at even 50 bar pressure.

• All components of RUBINETA brand hoses - nuts, nipples, bushings are made from high quality brass only, and is both pressure ant environmental changes resistant;

• For each hose RUBINETA provides a 5-year warranty and a liability insurance protection, which warrants additional safety and any damage, caused by an inadequate quality of the product, compensation.

• High pressure hoses of RUBINETA offer the highest guarantee of security for a reasonable price.


Plumbing Hoses

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