These days the demand for using stainless steel in interior or exterior, together with its trend tendencies, has grown significantly. On the other hand, the popularity of stainless steel is caused not only by the global trends of design and architecture, but also by the fact that this kind of metal is strong, compact, good-looking and rust-resistant as well. Stainless steel among other interior design elements is undisputed leader with regard to longevity.

You can enrich  a standar interior with some undisguised stainless steel furniture accessories, such as: bolts, thread, plug caps, etc. Using stainless steel you can also create many different individual projects. Visually light  constructions of stainless steel can hold very heavy loads and matche many other kinds of interior materials (wood, glass, rock, etc.). This is the reason why stainless steel has become so popular in modern architecture.


Stainless Steel Elements

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