Metal Products for Your Home

Metal Products for Your Home

Are you interested in metal products? MERLANA, a company that has been working successfully for more than fifteen years, can offer you more than 2000 different wrought iron products...
Stainless Steel Elements

Stainless Steel Elements

The popularity of stainless steel is caused not only by the global trends of design and architecture, but also the fact that this kind of metal is strong, compact, good-looking and rust-resistant as well. So, it‘s a long lasting interior element.
Fencing Systems

Fencing Systems

KROSFENCING is a unique metal fencing system, made without any welding stitches, that has no other analogues. Adaptation of inovative patented technologies ensures a precision for every product...


KROSAGRO is a brand of high quality greenhouses well-recognized among the customers of this market. KROSAGRO offers a variety of completely constructed products that could be designed either for individual users...
NEW !!! Premium shower head Raintouch on sale now! Coming soon, a new goods of decorative metal products complement our range. Follow the news!



Why choose MERLANA e-shop?

JSC MERLANA e-shop – it‘s the latest our company‘s project. However, this project shouldn‘t be confused with other frequently opening and closing internet projects. MERLANA e-store stands out by its:

CREDIBILITY. Almost every item that you see in our catalogue has been supplied by us to most of Lithuania‘s retailers and end consumers for many years. Largest part of the products, supplied by MERLANA, has become best selling in Lithuania (including RUBINETA water faucets, decorative metal elements, etc.). So choosing to buy at our e-store you‘ll be guaranteed to get the best, most popular and reliable goods.

QUICKNESS. Our customers don‘t have to take a risk that only after receiving the order we would start looking for the merchandise at the supplier‘s and after getting it we would present ir to the customer. Almost every item in our catalogue is always kept at our warehouses, so we will complete confirmed orders quicker than the other stores.

PRICE.  We are the primary Lithuanian supplier of the goods at MERLANA e-store catalogue. You can always be sure to be getting the best offer possible. Although, if it happens for You to find the same item cheaper anywhere else at a Lihuanian store, feel free to contact us, so we could give you the same or even a better offer.


How does MERLANA co-operation differ from other partnership offers?

MERLANA was always into mutual benefits with the customers. We value our every business client as a partner, so we try to create close and useful relationships. One of our co-operation conditions for our future partners is to feel the same way to its own customer. We are sure that only by orientating to the customer and having the abilities to satisfy customer‘s needs better than the rivals you can achieve your business goals and objectives. The main aspect of our co-operation package is giving our future partner a commercially better offer, while still letting it change its mind whenever our partner wants.

We know that every Client is free in choosing the supplier, so we are trying to give the best and most valuable offer for You!


Which ways can you make your order?

We‘d like to be as flexible as possible, that‘s why we are ready to take Your orders any way You want from the ones written below:

Online - after you registered and signed in MERLANA e-store.
E-mail, phone or Skype:
• If You want to order from METAL products catalogue: phone - +370 698 50 752; e-mail -; skype - merlana metalas;
• If You want to order from PLUMBING products catalogue: phone - +370 615 19723; e-mail -; skype - merlana santechnika.
Visiting our office or our trading spots:
• If You want to order from METAL products catalogue: Vilkpėdės st. 10, corps 19, Vilnius; working time: Monday to Friday, 8.00 - 16.30;
• If You want to order from PLUMBING products catalogue: Savanorių prospectus 180, Vilnius, Fifth floor, working time: Monday to Friday 8.30 - 17.00.

- If you‘d like to make an order the second way, you must pay in advance by our invoice with your electronic bank or other kind of advanced payment;
- MERLANA reserves its right to ask for Customer‘s advance payment if the merchandise is not at the moment at our warehouses or if it is going to be produced/imported under Customer‘s special order.

Is it OK if other person than the Customer makes the payment?

Yes, but in this case the person who makes the payment has to specify the order number and the Customer‘s name.

Is it OK if other person than the Customer receives the ordered goods?

Yes, but in this case don not forget to  fill the form which is below „Gavėjo duomenys"/„Recipient‘s info" completely with correct information about the person/company receiving the order.

I‘d like to specify more info about my order, where can I do that?

You can write down all your special requests and additional information (door code, information for the courier, etc.) in the „Comments" box that appears in the order confirmation window, before pressing „Confirm".

When do you see the order and start doing it?

We see Your order within one working day from the moment that you confirmed Your order (pressing „Confirm").
The order implementation begins when You receive an e-mail from us confirming the acceptance of the order (which could also be our advance invoice). Usually confirming acceptance of the order takes no more than one working day.
When making special orders for individually designed or separately imported goods, the order implementation begins after the Customer pays for the advance invoice.

Is it possible to cancel an order that has already been confirmed and paid for; if so - how to get the money back?

Yes, it is possible.You can cancel Your order from the PLUMBING catalogue by the phone (No. +370 615 19723) or e-mail (; from the METAL catalogue by phone (No. +370 698 50752) or e-mail (

In those cases that You‘d like to cancel an already paid order but we haven‘t  sent the goods yet, we‘ll transfer the money back in 5 working days. We would only need Your written application for Cancellation and refund with your bank account No., Your first and last name and the number of the order.

If You‘d like to return merchandise that has already been delivered and get a refund, please guide through the „Instructions for returning goods". We want to inform You that we are only able to refund by a bank transfer. There is no possiblity to pay the money back by cash or using a courier.

IMPORTANT. Please note that there can be no refund for for individually designed or separately imported goods, also such goods can‘t be returned back.

Can you offer services of installation or construction for the merchandise we are buying?

Yes, we can. We co-operate with various service providers across Lithuania, so we are able to recommend you the profesionals that offer the best price and highest quality. It‘s up to You to make the choice, of course. All You need to do is to fill in the „Comments" box with informing us that you would like to get contacts/offers for such service, before confirming Your order.



Why warranty service terms are so important?

Customers are usually interested in warranty service terms and conditions. Many people know what it‘s like to deal with broken products and try fixing or replacing it. Sometimes people even have to take defected products to an only existing warranty service spot in the whole country, so that is really uncomfortable.

We understand that Customer does not like the difficulties caused by the broken product and its repair. This is why we want to make sure that such difficulties do not occur to You. In case of warranty service,
You can deliver the product to the same store that You bought it and if Your claim for the warranty is right, we will repair the product or replace it with a new one. Moreover, the main brand in our assortment – RUBINETA – has a unique warranty service model in Lithuania, that enables waranty services at Customer‘s place. This model  is highly comfortable and useful, because you only have to call the service number and then the repair workers will take the whole care.


Why do people tend to decorate their environment with metal products?

Products made from goods made of decorative metals have been an important part of functional-decorative architecture elements for many centuries. In the XIX century this trend spread in the whole Europe, as well as in our country. Such products always draw attention because of their ornaments, lightness and originality, which help to create a wonderful and unique design style. Wrought iron products nowadays are in some sort of a rennaisance since they have returned as a very popular mean in creative fashionable interior and exterior projects.

What should I do to decorate my house with wrought iron/decorative metal products?

In case You have a big budget and do not try to save some money, You can ask for services of a well-known artists-blacksmiths, which can not only offer You a design but also manufacture such product. However You must understand that it would be quite expensive.

On the other hand, You should know that there is another way, which allows creation of unique interior metal products by using industrially produced decorative metal elements. Such product would look very much like the one made by a professional blacksmith, but would only cost much cheaper. Moreover, You would not need any smithery skills or professional tools to make Your prefered interior product from industrially produced decorative metal elements.

Decorative metal components/elements – what is that?

Decorative metal components/elements consist of a wide assortment of unique components for any metal products, which could also decorate the interior or exterior of Your house, office or a restaurant. Decorative metal elements are produced not in a slow, price-sensitive and old-fashioned way, but rather in a modern one, using high-tech equipment and latest methods. That is why our Clients can make incredible, exclusive products with minimum expenses and time, even without professional smithery skills or special equipment.

Why should I choose only the decorative metal components and/or elements sold at MERLANA e-store?

You can always purchase decorative metal elements at any supermarket or e-shopz , that specializes in such merchadise. However, if You choose the first option, You would often face a narrow assortment, that could sometimes be an obstacle for creativity. While choosing to purchase something from an e-shop, be sure to always ask if the goods You would like to order are already in a shop‘s warehouse or are they just going to be ordered from a supplier. Because in such case You might not even have to wait until the goods reach the store, but also the supplier (sometimes even the supplier does not have them in his warehouse).

You should also remember that decorative metal elements could look absolutely different in reality, compared to the catalogue pictures or even the exposition samples. It is quite possible that You can receive the same type/nomenclature goods, that were made by a different manufacturer and might even differ a little bit, while the store could not even know about the fact. So it is always useful to ask if Your required products are already at the store‘s warehouse or not, and whether the products match the ones in catalogue completely. While the most reliable solution is to simply visit the seller‘s warehouse and take a look at the products Yourself.

MERLANA JSC is probably the only company in Lithuania that always has more than 2000 different decorative metal elements in its warehouse, so by choosing MERLANA e-shop You will simply avoid any of the troubles mentioned above.


Did not find the answer you need? Submit your questions to us!

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