KROSFENCING is a unique metal fencing system, made without any welding stitches, that has no other analogues. Adaptation of inovative patented technologies ensures a precision for every product, as well as the best anticorrosive qualities possible. That ensures long lasting, good looking and the least cost for maintenance.

Manufacturer offers many different fences' models, each of which differs not only by its shape, but also by its decoration elements. Because of such decoration elements even the plainest fence could become stylish and sophisticated. Our customers could also get some unique fencing systems made, using their own individual projects. KROSFENCING systems were always made concentrating into better customer care and satisfaction, that‘s why these fencing systems assures high quality, reliability and stability. In order to satisfy our customers‘ needs KROSFENCING could prepare individually measured fencing systems, height of which could reach up to 3 meters.


KROSFENCING Fencing Systems

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