KROSAGRO is a brand of high quality greenhouses well-recognized among the customers of this market. KROSAGRO offers a variety of completely constructed products that could be designed either for individual needs (width of 2 to 4 meters, length selected individually) or for horticulture and gardening farms (width of 4 to 10 meters and more).

KROSAGRO cares that its product would always be reliable and made from the best materials, using advanced technologies
only. KROSAGRO also cares that the greenhouses stay reasonably-priced and eco-friendly. These are some serious challenges, so, in order to complete them, you need to have a modern attitude towards agriculture development as well as a well-organised and responsible planning in every step of greenhouse projecting and manufacturing. KROSAGRO production meets all of these requirements.


KROSAGRO Greenhouses

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